Philanthropy - Stephan Schmidheiny


Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Stephan Schmidheiny’s philanthropic activities remain true to his fundamental entrepreneurial approach while centring on a threefold result, a so-called triple bottom line. His foundations incorporate social, ecological and financial criteria in their efforts.

Stephan Schmidheiny’s foundations take business risks. They often and very specifically provide seed money in order to motivate other investors to also participate in the projects in a second phase once the supported projects have been borne out.

With the establishment of the Viva Trust in 2003, Stephan Schmidheiny once again entered unchartered philanthropic territory. He established an irrevocable trust according to British law and donated his companies in Latin America to it. Ever since, the Viva Trust has been investing a significant portion of the profits in the Fundación Avina.